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Blackjack Double Down – When, How, and Why to Use

When to Double Down in Blackjack 1. When your hand totals 11. This one is quite easy to remember – a hard 11 is the strongest initial hand in the game. 2. When your hand totals 10 – unless the dealer is stronger. An initial hand of 10 is quite strong, but nowhere near the... 3. On a Soft 16, 17, or ...

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There are three times we’d recommend placing the blackjack double down bet: 1. When your cards total 11. This is because you have a fantastic chance to hit 21, and even if you don’t, you’re likely... 2. When you have a soft 16, 17 or 18 (this means that you have a card plus an ace). Here you should ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Doubling Down and Splitting in Blackjack

Different blackjack games have different rules when it comes to doubling down. Some versions of the game will allow you to double down on any two cards, while others won’t give you a chance to buy another card unless your two-card total is less than 10 or 11. After you double down and get an additional card, you won’t be able to draw any more cards.

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The strategy of Double Down in Blackjack. Make sure to double down a hard of eleven. Double down a hard total of ten against 4, 5, and 6 of the dealer. Double down hard total 9 against 5 or 6 of the dealer.

Double Down In Blackjack & When To Use It! 2021

If you are a beginner, with no card counting experience, here are a few basic double down rules which will serve you well: Always double down a hard total of 11. Double down a hard total of 10 against the dealer’s 4, 5, or 6. Double down a hard total of 9 against the dealer’s 5 or 6.

Blackjack Double Down | How to double down in BlackJack and Tips

Blackjack Double Down Rules Rules can vary slightly between casinos, but generally Doubling Down can be used after the player draws their first two cards. Some venues, both online and real-world allow Doubling Down on a Blackjack, whilst others can restrict its use to totals of 9; 10; or 11.

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Hard 9 against a dealer’s low cards. In a case when you have a total hand of 9, double down when the dealer has a card between 2 and 6. Use the blackjack double down on any of the dealer’s card below seven except ACE. This rule only applies to when you have a hard 9, meaning you don’t have an ACE at hand.

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Let us understand the double down meaning in Blackjack and when should/should not we do it. The blackjack double rules are- if the original cards in a player’s hand is 9, 10 or 11, then he can double his bet. If he doubles the bet, the dealer will place one more card in the player’s hand face-down.

Learn When To Double Down And Split At The Blackjack Table

The more changes to the original rules of blackjack usually mean that the house edge is increasing. When the blackjack rules allow players to double after splitting the casino loses a bit of their advantage. Generally, the more restriction on the players making this wager the higher the house edge for the casino.